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Edmond Sanganyando Found The Secret To Effective Prayer, So Can You

Riverside, CA- A new book written by Edmond Sanganyado entitled “The Secret Place: 49 Reasons Knowing God Transforms Prayer” will soon be available on Amazon. The new inspirational book will give believers a new insight on how revelation knowledge and spiritual understanding of the true nature of God changes prayer.

According to Edmond Sanganyado, “Prayer is not a subject to be mastered or an area demanding expertise, but a practice that one needs to engage.” Believers struggle with how, when, why and what they should pray for daily. Eventually, many people slack in prayer or pray aimlessly. The Secret Place is a careful exegesis of the Lord's Prayer strutted by a thorough biblical foundation and apt humorous and insightful personal anecdotes. On June 15th 2015, The Secret Place will be available for sale on Amazon. Through pre-orders, the book have been included on Amazon Hot New Release in Christian Prayer and also in the Amazon Best Seller list for a month. Readers expect to learn how a thorough knowledge of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit transforms prayer. People will appreciate and find a thoroughly Biblical reason to continue in prayer, thus ensuring they grow in Christian maturity. Based from LifeWay Research, nearly 55% Americans claim they pray on a daily basis. However, over 70% only pray for themselves, or their sports team. Thus, most Christians are praying selfishly or amiss. By getting a copy of this book and reading it, readers will embrace the true nature of God and how He transforms each prayer through His grace.

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